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Deep tax knowledge
Holistic and proactive approach
Strong track record
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Practice Areas

Tax Prep & Accounting

We Help Clients Reduce Compliance Burdens Tax, accounting, and regulatory compliance issues are often a distraction. They take time and resources away from things that add value or real meaning. Keeping up with the filings and the rules often proves …

Tax Credits & Savings

We Help Clients Secure Tax Savings Our mission is to help clients take advantage of legitimate tax savings opportunities that are available to them. We look for value-added tax solutions and structures to help small to medium-sized businesses and individual …

Employee Benefits

We Help Clients With Their Employee Benefits Employee benefits are often a win-win for both workers and businesses. Employee benefits can help businesses attract and retain workers and, in many cases, can help reduce taxes for one or both parties. …

Tax Disputes

We Help Clients With IRS and State Tax Disputes We represent clients with state and IRS disputes, such as responding to state and IRS notices, audits and appeals, and litigation. IRS and state disputes can be time consuming, frustrating, and …

About Us

At Empowered Tax, our tax and accounting compliance and business services free up time and money that can be used for other things.  These back-office services compliment our selection of specialty tax services, which provide solutions that are both innovative and cost effective.  We are committed to exceeding your expectations and will work hard to earn the right to be your preferred tax solutions provider.


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